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Israel Wine Journeys is pleased to offer you exclusive and personalized wine tours in Israel. Our extensive knowledge of Israeli wines together with our relationships with the wineries and winemakers provide you with a unique Israeli wine tour. We are pleased to work with you to create your itnierary . 

Judean Hills, Ellah Valley, Carmel,

Zichron Yakov, Galilee, Golan Heights

Friends Celebrating on an Israeli Wine Tour
Business Tour with Overseas Guests  

VIP Tours, Corporate Events,

Business Conferences and Dinners

Sip fine Israeli wine with interesting winemakers. Discover charming boutique wineries. Explore Israel's scenic wine regions. Visit vineyards and barrel rooms. Enjoy goat cheese dairies, olive oil & chocolate factories, micro-breweries, and other fine boutique establishments.   

Enjoying a Tour of the Vineyards 

Couples, Groups, Families, Businesses,

Parties and Celebrations


Boutique Goat Cheese Dairies, Micro-Breweries, Chocolatiers, & Olive Oils

Goat Cheese Dairies & Other Boutiques

Catered Meals, Personal Chefs, Warmly Hosted at the Winery on the Moshav


Festive Meals & Banquets
Luxurious Bed & Breakfast 

Comfort and Hopitality at the Winery by the Owners


Guided Wine Tastings

At Your Home

IN addition to a wine tour in Israel, Israel Wine Journeys will be glad to arrange a guided wine tasting at your home. We will work with you with the wine selection that suits your interests.

Events at the Winery

Family, Friends, Businesses

CONSIDER one of Israel's many lovely wineries for your next event. Choose from large wineries or the personal touch of a small boutique winery. Catering of various styles are available including personal chefs.

Trend Alert:

Growing Popularity of White Wines and Roses

ISRAELI wineries are producing more white wines and Rose's. Chardonnay's of various styles are growing in popularity as well as Rose's from different grapes which produce different flavors. Taste them during an Israel wine tour soon.

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