Exclusive Wine Tours in Israel Visiting Fine Boutique Wineries & Scenic Wine Routes
Personalized Custom Tours to Israel's Finest World Class Boutique Wineries !
 * Carmel                 * Upper Galilee                 * Golan Heights               * Ellah Valley                 *  Judean Hills 

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Travel Scenic Wine Routes

& Historic Wine Regions

Travel Israel's fine wine regions and explore it's scenic beauty. From the mountains to its rolling hills and the coastal plain, Israel's wine regions are  filled with history that tell a story of an ancient Biblical land reborn into a modern country with a vibrant modern wine scene.

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Experience Boutique Charm

& Fine Wine

Israel's charming boutique wineries have achieved  world class status. Take the opportunity to explore scenic wine regions throughout the country. Visit vineyards and barrel rooms & sip fine Israeli wine with interesting winemakers.  


Discover Fine Wineries Throughout Israel 

Our Wine Tours

Our exclusive wine tours in Israel are based on our extensive knowledge of Israeli wines coupled with our long term relationships with the winemakers and owners of Israel's fine boutique wineries across the country.

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Exclusive & Private

Custom Wine Tours in Israel

Israel Wine Journeys gladly customizes your tours to your interests and provides you with a unique Israeli wine tour experience so many have enjoyed. We offer personalized boutique wine tours throughout Israel.


What Our Guests are Saying....

"....knowledgeable and helpful... taking us to some truly excellent boutique wineries that we would not have found on our own."   

Barabara, NJ

"The wine tour was the best day of our trip...friendly and informative. We were greeted at each winery as special guests."         

Nancy, Delaware

Other Fine Options

Enjoy Other Craft Boutique Establishments

Festive Meals

& Fine Wine

Bed & Breakfast

Choose From Many Fine & Scenic Wine Regions

Wine Tour Israel Judean Hills

* Goat Cheese Dairies

* Olive Oil 

* Chocolate Factories

* Micro-Breweries

Wine Tour Israel Tel Aviv
Group Events &  Dinners, Family Celebrations, Corporate Events, Warmly Hosted at the Winery 
Wine Tour in Israel

Enjoy Accommodations at a Winery B&B. Hospitality, Comfort and Charming Atmosphere

Wine Tour in Israel

* Judean Hills 

* Ellah Valley * Galilee 

* Golan Heights

* Negev *Carmel

Corprorate, Business, & VIP Tours

 Business Conferences and Dinners

We Gladly Cater to Special Requests !

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