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Kosher Wine Tours

Kosher Wine Tours in Israel

People are increasingly looking for kosher Israel wine tours. Israeli wines have been attracting more and more accolaides from the top wine critics and publications the world over and that incudes kosher wine. As a result most of the fine wine and boutique wineries in Israel have kosher certification since these wines appeal both to the general wine community as well as to the increasingly sophisticated palate of the kosher wine consumer. There is simply no difference in the wine making process and it is up to the winemaker to cultivate the vineyards and utilize his skills inorder to produce the style of wine he aspires to. This has enabled both the kosher and general consumer to enjoy the ever increasing quality of Israeli wine and access to the world class boutique wineries that continue to impress.  As a result all of Israel's fine wine regions feature the best in Israeli wine. 


In addition to fine kosher wineries there are other local artisinal craft boutique's which are certified kosher as well which we will be glad to suggest to you to include as part of your experience. 

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