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Private Wine Tastings

An Experience that Will Transport You Across the Landscapes of Israel's Vineyards
& Enrich Your Understanding of the Wines of Israel

סדנאות וטעימות פרטיות  

חוויה שיקח אתכם למרחבי חבלי הכרמים לאורך הארץ ויפרוס בפניכם
את עולם המרתק של היין הישראלי 


Wine Tastings

You Bring the guests 

We bring the wines...


Wine Tastings

Reward your employees with a

fun and  informative event...


Wine Tastings

For groups in Israel or Worldwide Across the Globe  

Choose from a Selection of Interesting Tastings & Topics 

Introductory Tasting

Taste from a selection of the major types of wine found currently in the contemporary landscape of Israeli wines...

Vertical Tasting

We will choose a few interesting wines and taste each from different years and see how each vintage differs...

High End Tasting

Taste some of Israel's finest wines from varietals to blends, from boutiques to large wineries, & from the Golan Heights to the Negev Desert...

New Variety Tasting

Discover new flavors and tastes with the new grape varieties that have emerged on the Israeli wine scene in recent years...

Single Variety Tasting

See how different wineries produce different styles of wine from the same grape variety that comes from different regions and vineyards...  

Wine Tasting Series 

Enjoy some or all of the categories of wine tastings listed above. Ask us for other suggestions or come up with your own ideas...

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