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Galilee Wine Tours 

The ancient, historic, and scenic Galilee to the north is also a worthwhile wine tour in Israel and is accessable from Haifa, Nazareth and Tiberius. It has a number of quality wine regions that offer top notch and interesting wineries. And as with so many of the other wine regions in Israel, it has many charming smaller family boutiques worth discovering. Many of the wineries produce wines from local vineyards which will give you an sense of regional flavors and terroir, that makes for an enjoyable Israel wine tour. 


In addition to fine wineries there are some other local artisinal craft boutique's that we will be glad to suggest to you to include as part of your israel wine tour experience. You may also be interetsed in some of the historical sites that make this region so interesting. dating back from bibical times all the way up to the creation of the modern Israel.

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